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How it works

Artwork that is created from music!

So you’ve made it to the website and have no idea what it’s all about. Good thing you went to the ‘About’ page!  I’ve started a company that takes your favorite song and turns it into visual art. Hence the name: Audio Optio. Audio (hearing) Optio (visual) you get it... moreover it rhymes so just go with it. 


As most of us listen to music through an electric device nowadays, lets take a look at what song files are. These files are made up of data (bits that are 1's and 0's) that your device recognizes and converts to sound. That data looks something like this:

sound wave

From the start of the song to the end, the squiggly little purple lines tell your device to vibrate it’s speakers quickly or slowly. Those vibrations create differences in air pressure that your ears pick up as music and then voilà you’re dancing to Thriller.


So already you can see this audio file has been transformed into art!... probably not the most aesthetically pleasing, but you can see where the song is quiet or loud. Semi-informative! That’s the basics. Our ears can hear much more than how loud or quiet a song is (intensity, pitch, timbre, etc). By using a little math I can extract that kind of information and display it visually. And that’s the whole point of this art; a physical way to experience music and having a canvas that tells a story.


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