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About the Artist

You didn't come to the website to learn about me, but I appreciate it! I'll give you a little bit about myself and how I came up with this art.


My name is Ryan Henderson. I've loved art since a young age. When I was small I always wanted to create things and drawing/painting was a great outlet for that. Now you're probably wondering how good I was. Well lets just say I have a few elementary school 2nd place ribbons at home ;)

Over the years my drawing skills have diminished, but my creativity is still alive and well. Which brings me to Audio Optio. Not too long ago I was a researcher and among other things my job was to explain the data I collected (that looked very much like audio files). I found out quickly that people can get lost looking at numbers. So I created algorithms to arrange those numbers into pictures. It explained the numbers better than I ever could! From there the idea sparked that I could do the same thing with music and add colors to highlight different parts of the song or frequencies.

The hope I have for my art is to tell the story of the song. To see the drum kicks, to see the quiet breakdowns, and all the rest. I want people to have something hanging on their wall and be able to explain the numbers... and maybe a 1st place ribbon would be nice.


Ryan Henderson
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