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Custom Art

Reach out to start a commission

Choose Material

* $25 deposit to start the commission

Thanks! Message sent.

Ordering your own art is completely customizable.

I only need a few things from you to get started:


1) Your song or sound

2) A few colors

3) Style (algorithm)



To get this started I do ask for a deposit of $25. This will go toward whatever size/material you end of selecting. I ask for a deposit because I will be doing work before we get to the final render (and full payment).


After you submit your order I will provide a few unique samples within a week. You will pick your favorite from the samples and can ask for a few alterations if you wish. Once you love the design I will put the finishing rendering to be ready for print. Depending on print shop demand the final piece of art should arrive at your door 2-3 weeks after you pick your favorite sample.

Prices are in the table at the bottom of the page (alternate art dimensions are offered as well, please ask). Payment will be made once you approve the final design. Payment can be made through Paypal, Google Wallet, or Venmo. I'll give you more details the closer we get to finalizing your artwork.

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